My Testimony

It was in February 2000 in Paris, France. I was just taking my mother to her church. Actually, she was the first a born-again Christian in our family. There was a guest speaker Evangelist Charles Mbongo, as I was standing in the middle of the crowd. To my biggest surprise, as soon as he starts preaching, , he asked two ushers to take me in front of the pulpit, where he was. In front of more than 3000 people gathered that day

Up Coming Gospel Song Dhanyawad Ke Sath

Singer: Parfait Essoumba (USA) 
Director/Editor/Dop: Dawood Zafar 
Music and recording: Flash Studio Gospel 
Mastering: Dream Tech 971 (Jean-Marc) USA 
Production: Az Com Studios

Shot at the ❤️ of Faisalabad, Pakistan

An Historical Event!
First time in the history of Pakistan.
An American Worshiper Parfait Essoumba is singing Hindi / Urdu Song at Clock Tower Faisalabad.