Jesus is the True God, and Eternal Life. 1 John 5 : 20

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To bear witness with our testimonies that there is no other God but Jesus

About Me

 I am Apostle Parfait Essoumba, have been serving for the advancement of the kingdom of God through PE Ministries along with my team consist of Pastors, Evangelists, prayer warriors, worshippers and volunteers.

I have been serving God since 2000. Glory be to God Almighty, He has used me as a missionary for evangelism and preaching at different countries now with the guidance of the Holy Spirit; I am a missionary in Pakistan, a country with Muslim Majority while Christians are only 1.6 % of the total Population.


Years of preaching


Preached in Countries

Our Mission​

Accomplishment of Great Commission is our mission.

Our team is working very hard on setting free Christian slaves in Pakistan, they are estimated to be 7 to 8 million Christian slaves living in bonded labor, because of a loan they took or inherited from their parents but they cannot pay. They are taken into slavery by the brick kiln owners. 

Their only hope is to have someone to pay this loan for them.

My Testimony

It was in February 2000 in Paris, France. I was just taking my mother to her church. Actually, she was the first a born-again Christian in our family. There was a guest speaker Evangelist Charles Mbongo, as I was standing in the middle of the crowd. To my biggest surprise, as soon as he starts preaching, , he asked two ushers to take me in front of the pulpit, where he was. In front of more than 3000 people gathered that day

Up Coming Gospel Song Dhanyawad Ke Sath

Singer: Parfait Essoumba (USA) 
Director/Editor/Dop: Dawood Zafar 
Music and recording: Flash Studio Gospel 
Mastering: Dream Tech 971 (Jean-Marc) USA 
Production: Az Com Studios

Shot at the ❤️ of Faisalabad, Pakistan

An Historical Event!
First time in the history of Pakistan.
An American Worshiper Parfait Essoumba is singing Hindi / Urdu Song at Clock Tower Faisalabad.

Striving to protect and promote the rights of Christian Slaves

Be the part of our struggle to make a difference

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31: 8-9

Preaching the Gospel to the lost souls, preparing them for the coming of Jesus Christ.

People are dying without Jesus and we need your generous financial support to extend our evangelical  services up to unreached villages and distant areas in Pakistan to preach among believers and non-believers.

Christian Debts: Breaking the chains of slavery in the Christian community in Pakistan.

Thousands of Pakistani Christian brick-kiln workers borrow money from their employer for essential needs at a time of family crisis. The debts keep each family bonded to their brick-kiln, with money deducted from their wages to pay the interest on the loan. It is impossible, out of their poverty, to pay off the debts, and these debts can be passed down from generation to generation. Despised, despairing and trapped, the bonded brick kiln workers feel like slaves

Educating Youth: The spear of the arrow of the Nation.

Youth is facing many hurdles and obstacles for their proper participation. The opportunities for youth’s education at higher level are limited and not in access to students belong to lower and middle class.

Crusades, Evangelisations, Seminaries,Conventions.

We conduct Gospel sharing, worship and prayer meetings in different villages as outreach evangelism ministry as home church setup because we do not have Church buildings in such areas. However, we are praying to God for the provision of funds for the construction of Churches in many villages. We also help deserving women and widows with food and ration. Poor and orphan children are also our beneficiaries and we help them to support for their educational and basic needs time to time.

Doctrine of the Trinity

Delve into the profound exploration of Christian theology with ‘Doctrine of the Trinity,’ a compelling book that navigates the intricacies of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with scholarly rigor and accessible prose. Authored by a distinguished theologian, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of the historical development of Trinitarian doctrine while offering practical insights for individuals seeking to enrich their spiritual lives. To secure your copy of this enlightening work, visit our website and join a community that values the depth and wisdom found within the pages of ‘Doctrine of the Trinity.’ Embrace the opportunity to deepen your understanding of this fundamental aspect of faith—order your copy today.

Let's protect their future

Millions of children are out of school and they are engaged in child labor. Child labor in Pakistan is a cognizable offense but there is a lack of implementation on pro children laws because the mafia is very strong. Pakistan has ratified the UN convention on the rights of the child but millions of children are deprived of right to education and social justice.

Please be our partner to send these children to school and support us to give them secure and bright future.


Join our Mission Feed Hungry Slaves in Pakistan

Let's Protect Their Rights

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Revival Seminar in Pakistan

I came to throw fire

Breaking Chains of Slavery ​

Modern Slavery in Pakistan

I have also been striving to free Christian families from bonded labor slavery at brick kiln factories. Most of Christians are considered as rejected, impure and illiterate. Some of them are not even allow to go to Church. This vulnerable community is deprived of basic rights and fundamental freedoms. They don’t have access to health care and right to education. Young girls facing sexual harassment and they are victims of force conversion and under age marriages. 

“Brother, help your Christian community in Pakistan because they are dying slowly by slowly.”      Adnan Ali (Phd)


“I cannot tell you how much finding you and your site meant to me. You see Mike, I have completely emptied myself out to the point where there is absolutely nothing left of the Man I used to be. Our Great Father has completely taken charge of my life with my full surrender.
Oliver Goodman
I have been teaching for over twenty years and this is the very best ministry site I have ever come across. THANK GOD FOR YOU.
Emma Stone
Parfait, thanks very much. I appreciate your heart to let people know of hell’s reality and God’s truth. Thank you for the encouragement – my wife and I do really appreciate that too. Finish the race strong.
Nathalie Moore
Thank you for having such an ordained site full of TRUTH and Knowledge. You definitely have the gift of deliverance and are strong in spiritual warfare. I have tried some of the self-deliverance techniques, battle prayers and Pleading the Blood, etc. and they all WORK. Keisha – USA

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